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Marine LitterWatch & Jellyfish Spotting

The application Marine LitterWatch (MLW), developed by the European Environment Agency (EEA), can be used in any kind of portable device (smartphone, tablets). Its mission is to become a modern monitoring tool for marine litter on beaches. In parallel, the active participation of citizens of all ages is strongly promoted through MLW. The PERSEUS (FP7) research program through its PERSEUS@School network, makes MLW available in schools, pupils and teachers towards raising environmental awareness as well as informing participants. The PERSEUS@School network aims to bring both the society and the students closer to science, thus creating "Young Scientists" and "Citizen – Scientists”. The Marine LitterWatch application enables pupils and teachers to record and investigate marine litter, based on a common European scientific monitoring protocol.

The PERSEUS Jellyfish Spotting Campaign was officially launched on 20 May 2013 and is estimated to run until the end of the project in 2015. The Jellyfish Spotting Campaign has been developed with a purpose to produce an overriding campaign on reporting the sightings of jellyfish across the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Campaign relies on “citizen scientists” who are encouraged, through the PERSEUS website and the Campaign’s sub-site, to record their sightings and post them on the website (photo, species, time and place of sighting, name of spotter).
The application is a scientific tool designed to help scientists monitor the populations of jellyfish and the changes in their migration patterns. The PERSEUS@ School network aspires to bring students closer to science, creating “young scientists” who are interested in recording the biodiversity of our seas, experience the world of jellyfish and help scientists to protect the marine environment.


  • 01.07.2014

    PERSEUS educational activities presented @ 2nd School Student Conference in Athens