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Web activities for kids

From the PERSEUS network:

Follow the Glider:
Follow the Glider is a web tool aimed at students and developed by CEFAS, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) and SOCIB (Balearic Coastal Monitoring and Forecasting System) as part of the European FP7 – JERICO project. It is based on the glider-monitoring tool available at

Our aim is to help students from a variety of different grade levels to find out what underwater gliders are and gain awareness of their importance for coastal research. We also strive to enable students to monitor the gliders that SOCIB is currently using in the Balearic coastal area.

Follow the Glider is part of the JERICO European project. JERICO’s mission is to develop a network that will coordinate the activities of different European coastal observatories, share experiences, and establish an organization that will warrant periodical, ongoing, sustainable environmental information and other marine environment products throughout the European coastal areas. This will enable us to protect the environment and its biodiversity, gain a better understanding of climate change, and provide more accurate forecasts of its impacts, contributing to sustainable use of marine resources.

CoCoNet - to Protect and Connect is a project about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the renewable energy produced by Offshore Wind Farms (OWFs). What is a Marine Protected Area and how we could create a network of them? Is it possible to combine renewable energy and biodiversity? What are the effects of Offshore Wind Farms on the marine environment and how can we protect it? CoCoNET for children motivates children to learn about these issues in a very educational and entertaining way. A combination of interactive online and printable format games are available to use freely on CoCoNet's education section. CoCoNET for children is addressed to all age groups and includes games (puzzles, word-search puzzle, role play game etc.) with different levels of difficulty that can be played either individually or in a group. The Teacher’s zone is a very informative and useful link aimed at teachers and educators providing supplementary materials on the main concepts of the CoCoNET project.