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PERSEUS Ambassadors

PERSEUS Ambassadors

Another innovation of the PERSEUS School network is the introduction of Ambassadors which gives students the opportunity to become ambassadors for PERSEUS and the school network overall and talk about the project results to the MEPs in Brussels at a special event organised at the end of the project, in December 2015.
One or two students from each country will be selected and trained by PERSEUS scientists in order to become more informed about the project and its objectives as well as its efforts towards clean seas by 2020 so that they understand, and are able to convey this knowledge to society in their own way.

The culmination of this effort will be their presentation to MEPs (Members of European Parliament) in order to pass the PERSEUS message and their own proposal for the future of the seas. A strong message from students of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, a fresh look to the future belongs to them, giving them a small chance to form and shape the future.
The presentation will take place in Brussels on 10 December 2015, under the supervision of the teacher and /or parents.
The travel and accommodation expenses of one students and/or one accompanying person (teacher or parent) will be covered by PERSEUS. You may also fund one more student from your own PERSEUS budget or your Institute's budget, plus the accompanying person's expenses.

Choosing the Ambassadors
Each country in the PERSEUS network will decide how to choose their ambassador. You are free to design a competition or create an activity through which you will be able to choose the school from which your ambassadors will come from. The selected school can then decided which one or students will represent them in the European Parliament.

The competition has now closed and the Ambassadors have been selected for the 5 participating countries. The selected children who will be coming to Brussels in December are:


Name of Student
 Malta  Michaela Pia  Camilleri
 Umut Sidar Polat
 Alexandra-Maria  Papageorgopoulou
 Spain  Violeta François  Annick  Wyns  Rodríguez
 George-Costin  Dobrin

To see the material that was submitted for the competition in each country, including the original announcements and videos made by the children, please click here!

The PERSEUS Ambassadors produced their very own declaration on 'Clean Seas', which was distributed during the event in Brussels. To view and download the declaration, please click here

For more information and queries about the 'PERSEUS Ambassadors', please contact:
Martha Papathanassiou
PERSEUS Communications Officer
Tel: +30 22910 76383