AMP Toolbox

Tools and Methods

The inventory of tools and methods includes a total of 166 items. The tools and methods provided were identified from different toolboxes or references available in literature or on the web. These include the MESMA toolbox, the Marine Scotland Toolbox, and the FAO-EAF Toolbox,

Ten of these tools have been identified as most valuable for the adaptive policy making process. These tools are referred to as 'key innovative tools'. Both the 'key innovative tools' and the full inventory can be accessed using the following links:

Full inventory of tools & methods
General databases

Selected tools per step:
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Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Presentation of selected tools
a) "Imagine" systemic and prospective sustainability analysis
b) Stakeholders analysis (mapping)
c) Stakeholder meetings
d) Stakeholder workshops
e) Questionnaires
f) DPSWR framework
g) Qualitative Risk Analysis (consequence X likelihood)
h) The BCA tool kit
i) COAST model
k) Multi-Cases Tool (Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, MCDA)

Types of Tools and Methods