Southern European Seas
Clean Seas by 2020

Policy-oriented research
marine life’s at stake

Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas (PERSEUS) is a research project that assesses the dual impact of human activity and natural pressures on the Mediterranean and Black Seas. PERSEUS merges natural and socio-economic sciences to predict the long-term effects of these pressures on marine ecosystems. The project aims to design an effective and innovative research governance framework, which will provide the basis for policymakers to turn back the tide on marine life degradation.

Upcoming events

  • The European Maritime Day Conference will be held in the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Piraeus (Greece) on 28 and 29 May 2015. The Conference will focus on ports and coasts as engines for Blue Growth. Piraeus will also celebrate its maritime community on 30 and 31 May. High level sessions and stakeholder workshops, as well as exhibitions, public happenings and

  • A PERSEUS international workshop entitled Coming to grips with the jellyfish phenomenon in the Southern European and other Seas: research to the rescue of coastal managers will be taking place in March 2015, in Cadiz, Spain. The workshop is organised by the PERSEUS partner institute CSIC and it is co-funded by IOC-UNESCO and

  • ASLO returns to Europe for the 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting on 22-27 February 2015 at the Granada Congress and Exhibition Centre (Palacios de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada) in Granada, Spain.  The 2015 meeting will contribute to the ongoing international development of ASLO by bringing together a diverse group of participants at a site where many