AMP Toolbox

Principles and Methodologies
Within the PERSEUS project, traditionally used step-wise frameworks were analysed and compared with several newly emerged step-wise frameworks for adaptive policy making, and with the framework suggested by the EU MSFD. The following frameworks were considered:
  • The Guide on adaptive management for natural resources management of the US Department of the Interior (Williams, 2009, 2012).
  • Swanson, D., & Bhadwal, S. (Eds.), (2009), Creating adaptive policies: A guide for policymaking in an uncertain world, International    Development Research Corporation (Swanson, 2009).
  • The Ocean and Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management Handbook (ELI 2009).
  • The Step-by-Step Approach toward Ecosystem-based Management by Ehler and Douvere (2009).
  • The Adaptive Policy Making Approach to Designing a Dynamic Adaptive Plan by Kwakkel et al. (2010).
  • The Adaptive Policy Making Process by Walker et al. (2001).
  • The stepwise policy analysis to construct Adaptive Pathways by Haasnoot et al. (2013).The Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways approach, proposed by Haasnoot et al. (2013) and tested in the Rhine Delta in The Netherlands.

In the PERSEUS step-wise framework for adaptive policy making, the choice was made not to go as far as to propose the use of adaptive pathways, because these require the availability of sophisticated, transient scenarios.