PERSEUS PhD/Master Theses

Melica V. Influence of substrate availability on the po pulation growth and on asexual reproduct ion strategies of Aurelia sp. Polyps. Thesis, University of Trieste, Italy. 

Heslop, E.E. Unravelling high frequency and sub-seasonal variability at key ocean circulation 'cho ke' points: a case study from glider mon itoring in the western Mediterranean sea. Thesis, University of Southa mpton, Ocean and Earth Science, Doctoral Thesis, 248pp.

Ioakeimidis C. Assessement of Marine Litter in the East ern Mediterranean Sea: A multi-perspecti ve approach. Thesis, University of Patras, Dept. of Geology, Doctoral Thesis, 151 pp., July 2015.

Capet, A. Study of the multi-decadal evolution of the Black Sea hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry using mathematical modelling. Thesis, Univeristy of Liège, Doctoral Thesis, 238 pp.

Drion R. Functional analysis of the macrobenthos diversity using their biological traits (Black Sea northwestern shelf and the bay of Calvi in the Mediterranean Sea). Master Thesis, University of Liège.

Marti Puig Duran. Methodology for the selection and implem entation of environmental performance in dicators in ports. Thesis, Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya, Spain.

Zafrir Kuplik. Proliferation of the scyphomedusa Rhopil emanomadica in the eastern Mediterranean: Efficiency in resource exploitation in an oligotrophic environment. Thesis, University of Haifa , Israel

Martin Vodopivec. Coupled physical-biological model of moon jellyfish. Thesis, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Luca Zocca rato Marine communities of bacteria and protists, their biodiversity and interactions. Thesis, University of Trieste, Italy.

Noam van der Hall. Microplastic pollution in Israeli Coastal waters and their effects on marine biota. Thesis, University of Haifa, Israel.

Pedrosa, Rut. Biogeochemical characteritzation of Medi terranean deep ecosystems. Thesis, University of Barcelona, Spain.

Rumin, Aitor. Characteritzation of the external forcings dri ving hydrodynamics and energy and matter fluxes in the submarine canyons of Cap de Creus (Mediterranean Sea) and Avilés (Cantabrian Sea): The importance of tele connections. Thesis, University of Barcelona, Spain.

Tubau, Xavier. Analysis of submarine canyon systems in contrasting continental margins, and their role in the transport and accumulation of marine litter. Thesis, University of Barcelona, Spain.

Higueras, Marina. Impact of eastern storms on the transfer of organic matter in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean Sea). Thesis, University of Perpignan and University of Barcelona.

Eleni Rous selaki. Diagenetic processes across the sediment- water interface in a coastal area of high a nthropogenic pressures (Saronikos Gulf). Thesis, National and kapodis trian University of Athens (NKUA).

Irida Maina. Methodology for the analysis of vessel monitoring system data and the expected contribution in sustainability of Greek fishery resources. Thesis, University of the Aegean, Greece.

Pierre Damien. Dense water formation and dispersion modelling in the frame of LIONEX. Thesis, University of Toulouse.

Faycal Kessouri. Biogeochemical modelling in the Northwestern Mediterranean. Thesis, University of Toulouse.

Eleni Prifti. Dynamics and bioavailability of heavy metals from Saronikos Gulf. Thesis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)

López-Fern ández, Pilar Particle fluxes and organic matter bioavailability in deep-sea ecosystems: the Blanes submarine canyon. Thesis, University of Barcelona.

Magda Ioana Nenciu. Study of seahorses and pipefish at the R omanian Black Sea coast and the pressures they undertake, with the aim of their susta inable exploitation and protection. Thesis, Doctoral School of A pplied Sciences - Biology - "Ovidius" University Constanta, Romania.

Madalina C ristea (Galatchi). Eco-physiological studies to some commer cial fish species from the Romanian Black Sea coast. Thesis, Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania.

George Tiganov. Studies and researches to substantiate and e nsure a sustainable exploitation of Alosa populations in Romanian sector of Black Sea. Thesis, Dunarea de Jos, Galati, Romania.

Mamoutos Ioannis. The internal wave role in water mass mix ing in the deep basins of the Aegean Sea. Thesis, University of the Ae gean.

Adrian Filimon. Vertical distribution of meiobenthos on the Black Sea Romanian shore. Thesis, University "OVI DIUS", Constanta, Romania.

Serdar Sakinan. Current Distribution of the Small Pelagic Fish Populations inthe North Eastern Levantine Sea in Relation to Environmenta lConditions and Predicting the Impacts of Temperature Rise on Their Future Distributions. Thesis, IMS METU Turkey.

David March Morlà. Geospatial modeling in marine recreational fisheries science. Thesis, University of Balearic Islands, Spain.