Coast Day 2012 & Coordinating Meeting for PERSEUS, PEGASUS, SHAPE & MAREMED Projects, Split, Croatia
A coordinating meeting for scientific projects working on the Mediterranean Sea back-to-back with Coast Day 2012

A coordinating meeting among the scientific projects working on the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding coastal areas took place in September, among the following projects: PERSEUS, PEGASO (, SHAPE ( and MAREMED (, in order to avoid overlapping of issues and possible repeats of experiments or other exercises, with respect to both scientific work and stakeholder involvement. Three of these four projects, specifically in the Adriatic, actually plan a case study involving stakeholders, while also other case study areas reappear in several projects, so the coordination of activities within the Mediterranean was a  useful exercise for all projects.

The idea was to use Coast Day 2012 (25 September 2012), organised in Split by Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre ( and thus the meeting was held back to back with it on 26 September 2012.

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