General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union, Vienna, Austria

The General Assembly Meeting of the EGU was held in Vienna, Austria, from 07-12 April 2013. Since 2011, a new EGU session gathers the researchers interested in the physics and biogeochemistry of the Mediterranean and Black Seas (also called the Southern European Seas).
In this period of time there are large coordinated programmes or projects concerning at least partly the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and some even have them together: PERSEUS, MedSeA, MOOSE, GROOM, EGO, MOON, HYMEX, MERMEX, MedARGO, CHARMEX, MedCLIVAR, VANIMEDAT, SiMed, MISTRALS, and many more. The legacy of earlier ones like SESAME was also instrumental to have the 'seas of the old world' (Mediterranean and Black Seas) in focus, partly motivating the session.

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