Demonstration of the AMP Toolbox to participants at the MED POL Focal Point Meeting, Malta

PERSEUS was invited by Ms Tatajana Hema, MAP officer in charge of the MedPol programme, to make a demonstration of the Adaptive Marine Policy (AMP) Toolbox, developed by the PERSEUS WP6 (Adaptive policies and scenarios) during the MED POL Focal Point Meeting held in Malta, 16-19 June 2015, as a side event.

The demonstration was given by Didier Sauzade, Plan Bleu, leader of the PERSEUS WP6. The AMP Toolbox has been especially designed to assist policymakers developing policies for achieving the “Good environmental status” of marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

This Toolbox consists of two major parts, the first one guides users through a five steps cycle for developing marine environmental policies, focusing on the benefits to make them as far as possible adaptive, i.e. robust despite of incomplete knowledge of the contextual socio-ecological system; the second part provides useful resources as thematic databases, models and examples.

The demonstration was focused on the Marine Litter issue, built on the work previously done by BC3.