Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Societies / Cities (GreInSus), Izmir, Turkey

The 1st International Congress on Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Societies / Cities (GreInSus) was held in Izmir Turkey during May 08 - 10, 2014. This event aimed to gather researchers from the entire spectrum of the multi-disciplinary fields of environmental science and technology with a special emphasis on “sustainable societies and cities”.

The main objective of the congress was to present the achievements of scientific and professional works/research on approaches and techniques for reducing environmental and societal impacts of future societies / cities. Thus, the congress provided opportunities for the participants to exchange new ideas and application experiences and to establish future collaborations. In this way use of green infrastructures in reaching sustainable societies/cities can be motivated.The official language of the Congress and Symposium was English.

During the Congress, there was a special Marine Session dedicated to PERSEUS including keynote speeches and posters, as well as a PERSEUS Interactive Stakeholder Session, whose outcomes were used by the project and were distributed in the project community and beyond. This workshopn was the project's main stakeholder meeting for the Mediterranean area. 

For more information please visit the Congress website.