EC website features article on how PERSEUS helps protect Europe's seas

PERSEUS has been featured on the EC's website, under the Horizon 2020 framework, in an effort to highlight how to protect Europe's seas. This is the title of the article that was published about PERSEUS, after an interview given by the coordinator, Dr. Papathanassiou. 

The emerging article stresses that increasing pressures on Europe’s marine and coastal areas, particularly around the Mediterranean and Black Seas, highlight the need for these areas to become more resilient to human activities and natural change. There is a large scientific research effort already underway to identify some of the environmental baselines, but the challenge now lies in turning that knowledge into effective decision-making.

The article also mentions the two citizen-science campaigns that PERSEUS has developed, while it emphasises the importance that the PERSEUS coordinator places on the principles of cooperation between countries and other research projects.