PERSEUS present @ MED ENV-2014, ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC HEALTH Conference in Romania

MED ENV-2014, the 1st International Medical Conference of the Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.) was held in cooperation with the Medical College of Physicians, Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, the European Environmental Association and the Constanta City Hall, under the auspices of the Romanian Academy, during 12-14 September 2014 in Constanta-Mamaia, Romania.

The objectives of the Conference were to bring academia and professionals in environmental and medical sciences together to present current practices and recent achievements of the scientific and professional works/researches and evaluate the interactions between the environmental issues and human health.

A number of oral and poster presentations refered to the ongoing European projects, such as PERSEUS, COCONET, MAREFRAME, IRIS, CBC projects SciNetNatHaz, Black Sea Tourism Net, Improvement of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region - ICZM, all summing the efforts of the European scientific community (research and academia) to monitor and find solutions for the improvement of environmental conditions, which clearly have an impact on human health.