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Towards cleaner scrapping of old ships

Plans to clean up the scrapping of old ships and ensure the materials are recycled in EU-approved facilities worldwide

26 March 2013MORE

European litter prevention network launched

Brussels: Speaking at the launch of a new European litter prevention network, Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner

18 March 2013MORE

Aquaculture guidelines under discussion

European aquaculture was the focus of discussion during a conference organised in November 2012 by the

27 March 2013MORE

A strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Seas

The European Commission has adopted a new strategy tailored to a specific sea basin, this time a sub-basin.

27 March 2013MORE

TACs 2013: progressing towards MSY

Following marathon negotiations, the Fisheries Council of 18 and 19 December 2012 set total allowable catches for Atlantic

27 March 2013MORE

Regional Advisory Councils meeting to discuss discard ban and their future role

The seven Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) met with the Commission in Brussels

20 March 2013MORE

Commission launches initiative on sustainable management of marine and coastal areas

On 13/03/2013, the Commission launched a proposal to improve the planning

19 March 2013MORE

The Negotiation Process for the CFP Reform and the expectations for the implementation year as 2014

19 March 2013MORE

The PANACEA environmental education centre at Dwejra was inaugurated on 05.03.2013

The PANACEA environmental education centre at Dwejra was inaugurated last

09 March 2013MORE

EU Parliament in support of reforming the Common Fisheries Policy

The European Commission welcomed the vote of the European Parliament on the Commission's

07 March 2013MORE

New Joint Research Centre grantholder positions published

The JRC has published a number of grantholder positions, including a few with marine topics.

07 March 2013MORE

Ocean Education: 2nd Ocean Literacy Conference in Europe @ Plymouth University, 3-5 September 2013

The European Marine Science Educators Association's (EMSEA)

22 February 2013MORE

Ocean Education in Europe: The First Conference on Ocean Literacy

The First Conference on Ocean Literacy in Europe was held on 9 October 2012 in Bruges,

31 October 2012MORE

New Open Call: Pilot Project New Knowledge for an integrated management of human activities in the

09 October 2012MORE

EU FP7 Call - Cooperation: The Ocean of Tomorrow 2013 Call now open

The new EU FP7 Call under Cooperation was published on 10 July 2012. The 'Ocean of Tomorrow

18 July 2012MORE

The sixth ASSEMBLE call for applications for on-site access is now open

ASSEMBLE offers subsidized access to researchers specialised in marine research and

14 June 2012MORE

EU's Blue Economy Innovation mentions PERSEUS as example of marine research

The European Commission set out proposals in early May 2014, to support

14 May 2014MORE

EC website features article on how PERSEUS helps protect Europe's seas

PERSEUS has been featured on the EC's website, under the Horizon 2020 framework, in an

27 May 2014MORE
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PERSEUS mentioned by EC Commission @ Innovation in the 'Blue Economy' Press Conference

The PERSEUS project received an honourable mention at the European

27 May 2014MORE

PERSEUS @ Greek-French Event on 'Future of our Seas', Institut Francais in Athens, Greece

This is the 4th year of the Greek-French Festival 'Les Recontres de la

06 March 2014MORE

PERSEUS & LitterWatch Application presented to kids in Greece

PERSEUS welcomed the children from the Saronikos Young Volunteers in Action group, at the HCMR

15 July 2013MORE

A successful launch for the first PERSEUS Summer School

The PERSEUS Summer School in Constanta, Romania, started on Monday 3 June and is already off to a great

05 June 2013MORE

PERSEUS promoted in Greek national television ET3 documentary “Water – Every Drop counts”

Dr. Nikoleta Bellou, Marine Biology Researcher of the Hellenic

25 September 2012MORE

PERSEUS Training Activity article published on General Secretariat for Research & Technology online

13 July 2012MORE

PERSEUS Final Scientific Conference, 7-9 December, Brussels

The Final Scientific Conference of PERSEUS “Integrated Marine Research in the Mediterranean

18 December 2015MORE

PERSEUS Final Stakeholder Event @ EU Parliament!

The final PERSEUS Stakeholder meeting was entitled 'Policy-oriented marine research in the SES: Lessons learned

18 December 2015MORE

PERSEUS presented @ Ocean of Tomorrow Conference

The 3rd Ocean of Tomorrow Conference: What results so far for healthy and productive seas and oceans? took

20 November 2015MORE

PERSEUS@School represented @ EMSEA15 Conference in Crete!

The 3rd EMSEA Conference was held this year in Crete, hosted by the HCMR, at the Cretaquarium premises

20 October 2015MORE
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First PERSEUS WP5 Stakeholder Workshop in Croatia

During the 5th and 6th of May 2015, the first of a series of five regional Stakeholders’ Workshops

03 June 2015MORE

PERSEUS participates in European Maritime Day 2015

PERSEUS is participating in European Maritime Day Conference 2015 which is taking place on 28-29 May at the

28 May 2015MORE

Series of 5 PERSEUS Stakeholder Workshops starts in May

Follow PERSEUS in Croatia, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and Georgia for five (5) PERSEUS stakeholders’

30 March 2015MORE

Joint research cruise for the implementation and promotion of the MSFD principles in non EU countries

23 March 2015MORE

PERSEUS holds 8th Scientific Steering Committee Meeting and adopts 2015 work programme – Cadiz, Spain – 4-5 March

20 March 2015MORE

PERSEUS Marine Litter study published in DG Environment News Alert

The DG Environment's News Alert E-Bulletin has published a recent PERSEUS study on marine

27 February 2015MORE

3rd PERSEUS GA Meeting & 2nd Scientific Workshop concluded successfully in Marrakesh!

The 3rd PERSEUS General Assembly & Scientific Workshop have been

14 December 2014MORE

PERSEUS lays the groundwork for the Mediterranean Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey: Teaching an old device new

07 November 2014MORE
PICTURES/BLACK SEA International Day/3221.jpg

PERSEUS@ Black Sea Day Celebration in Turkey

PERSEUS actively participated in the Celebration of the Black Sea Day on 3rd November 2014 in Istanbul. The

06 November 2014MORE

PERSEUS present @ MED ENV-2014, ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC HEALTH Conference in Romania

MED ENV-2014, the 1st International Medical Conference of the Balkan

24 September 2014MORE

PERSEUS@ 'Marginal Seas in Change' Workshop in Korea!

PERSEUS was presented at the 2nd workshop on "Marginal Seas in Change – The East Sea and the

24 September 2014MORE

The PERSEUS Izmir Stakeholder Session 'effect': Connecting the Mediterranean!

It is with great pleasure to see that the PERSEUS Marine Session Stakeholder

08 August 2014MORE