Partners Corner

Data Management

Welcome to the PERSEUS Data Management webpage, as created by our partner Institute IOLR.

The aim of the PERSEUS oceanographic information database is to provide user-friendly and fast access to physical, geochemical and biological data of the Mediterranean and Black Seas’ ecosystems assembled in the framework of recent European projects as well as new data collected within the PERSEUS framework, to a wide spectrum of users, following the regulations and restrictions of the PERSEUS Data Policy. Metadata and Data will be provided via GIS like interfaces and the following PERSEUS Data Policy.

The first version of the In Situ Ocean Data Management Handbook V1.1 as an internal PERSEUS milestone has been produced. The aim of this document is to communicate the structure developed for the submission and retrieval of PERSEUS data, from multiple platforms bothin real time and delayed mode. The structure follows the ideas outlined in the DOW, namely to utilise existing infrastructure. The important thing is that it is the first time that all of this information is in one place and agreements made with the various infrastructure provided, and also the handbook is ‘generic’, meaning that even though it is written for PERSEUS it describes a method that functions for other projects and so it will hopefully form the core of an EU Data management handbook for the submission of oceanic data from multiple platforms, and thus will have a life (with adaptations) beyond PERSEUS.