Five stakeholder workshops planned for 2015: bridging the gap between EU and non-EU countries

From April to September 2015, PERSEUS will organise five stakeholder workshops in non-EU countries helping to promote regional networking between scientists and stakeholders. 
The main objectives of the workshops are to disseminate the tools developed by the PERSEUS project as well as the knowledge gained by the project in the last three years. Each workshop will be focus on local issues – i.e. threats /pressures on the ecosystem in the particular region - and PERSEUS will tailor its contribution to improve relevant knowledge in the areas while promoting mitigation actions.

The workshops are planned to take place in the following locations:
1. Split-Croatia (former non-EU country): (April/ May 2015) – Contact person: Ivona Marasovic (IOF)
2. Ankara-Turkey (June 2015) – Contact person: Hasan Orek (METU)
3. Tbilisi-Georgia: (June 2015) – Contact person: Kakhaber Bilashvili, Zurab Savaneli (TSU)
4. Tunis-Tunisia: (September 2015) – Contact person: Slim Gana (SAROST)
5. Rabat/Casablanca-Morocco (September 2015) – Contact person: Soukaina Zizah, Ali Benhra (INRH)

For more information, please contact Ms. Dana Vasile, Geoecomar at