(TEAP) - Tool for the identification and assessment of environmental aspects in ports

TEAP, the tool for identification and assessments of environmental aspects in ports developed by PERSEUS, was officially presented during the European Maritime Day Conference 2015 which took place on 28-29 May at the Athens Concert Hall.

The tool was presented during the PERSEUS workshop on Coastal communities and Blue Society on the opportunities and constraints for the creation of a resilient Blue Society as a means to sustainable development and management of coastal areas.

TEAP tool has been developed to assist port authorities in identifying aspects and in assessing their significance. The tool has already been used in four pilot port of the South European Seas (SES): the Port of Barcelona (Spain), the Port of Thessaloniki (Greece), the Port of Constanta (Romania) and the Port of Varna (Bulgaria).

TEAP is a user-friendly, practical and time-saving tool for port managers to easily determine significant aspects. The tool can assist any type of port authority or port company, by easily identifying the important environmental aspects to facilitate the development of a scientific-based environmental management system.

The tool is available online on the PERSEUS website (www.perseus-net.eu) under the policymakers section on ports.

A short description of the TEAP Tool is also presented in the TEAP Fact Sheet.