Just for Students

PERSEUS will give students the chance to learn much more about the marine life of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, the marine ecosystems and how they are changing because of human activities impacting on them such as releasing of chemicals, nutrients, wastes and litter in the sea, over-fishing and atmospheric pollution to name some.

But, most importantly, PERSEUS will give students many possibilities to help scientists protect our seas. There will be various interactive educational activities and events organised by PERSEUS and schools at marine centers, science centers, museums and aquariums in many countries.

The PERSEUS@School initiative developed and expanded from an innovative idea to involve schools in Mediterranean and Black Sea countries in one large collaboration under the PERSEUS project. More information on how this was achieved can be found in the Action Plan.

The PERSEUS@School Network is an initiative for schools, teachers and students who participate in Environmental Education Programmes which address the marine environment. The network will offer the opportunity to school students to study environmental issues and problems of their region and share opinions about the different ways through which young people can help to protect the historic waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.