The results of PERSEUS work will be presented on this section of the website.

PERSEUS’s results are grouped under four clusters. Each cluster is then further divided into the related work packages, under which either summaries or complete deliverables will be presented as they are completed.

Cluster 1: New Knowledge
WP1: Pressures and Impacts at Basin and Sub-basin Scale
WP2: Pressures and Impacts at coastal level

Cluster 2: New Tools
WP3: Upgrade-expand the existing observational systems and fill short term gaps
WP4: Developing integrated tools for environmental assessment
WP7: Concept of an innovative research vessel

Cluster 3: Science-based Policy
WP5: Basin-wide promotion of MSFD principles
WP6: Adaptive policies and scenarios

Cluster 4: Engaged Stakeholders & Citizens
WP8: Training and Capacity Building
WP9: Communication, Outreach & Information Management
WP10: Project Management
Integrated Results
The following presentations were given during European Maritime Day 2013 in Valetta, Malta from 20-22 May.

PERSEUS produced a Policy Brief, which highlights the major scientific findings of the project and sets out evidence-based recommendations for policy and decision makers in the Southern European Seas (SES) based on work carried out in several areas
of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. 

Additionally, an atlas of riverine inputs to the Mediterranean was produced during the project, in cooperation with UNEP/MAP. PERSEUS – UNEP/MAP Report, (2015). Atlas of Riverine Inputs to the Mediterranean Sea. ISBN: 978-960-9798-17-4