Rosalia Santoleri, Head of ISAC Satellite Oceanography Group. Senior researcher, more than 20 years of experience in physical and satellite oceanography. Member of the CNR-DTA Scientific Council. CNR representative in EuroGOOS. Responsible of MOON Mediterranean Sea Satellite Observing System. Responsible of the CNR activity in several national and international projects. Coordinator of several Italian Space Agency Projects. OCTAC coordinator in MyOcean. She is the author of more than 50 papers in ISI Journals.

Gian Pietro Gasparini, Physical Oceanographer
at CNR-ISMAR, with extensive experience on experimental oceanographic studies. His research is mainly devoted to the Mediterranean basin, covering both coastal and open sea circulation. He was chief scientist in many oceanographic cruises and also involved in SESAME, where he lead the Sicily channel activity, KM3net for the environmental characterization of the abyssal region in the western Ionian basin. He is the author of about 50 papers in ISI journals.

Rosabruna La Ferla, Senior Research Scientist at CNR-IAMC.
She participated in national and international research projects in the Mediterranean Sea and Antarctica. Her scientific interest concerns aquatic microbial ecology and C cycling, in particular the ecological implications of microbial heterotrophy in the biogeochemical processes.

Chiara Santinelli, Chemical Oceanographer at IBF,
has 10 years experience in the study of dissolved organic matter dynamics in coastal and open sea waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Primary interests are: marine biogeochemical cycles, with particular regard to carbon, DOM, dynamics, optical properties of CDOM, functioning of the microbial loop.

Annamaria Zoppini, Senior Scientist at IRSA.
She carried out experimental research programs on microbial ecology, collaborating with International Institutions. She has been involved in EU Projects as well as in several Government funded research Projects on C-cycling. She is member of the Steering Committee for the Project “Enzymes in the environment- Research Coordination Network” funded by the NSF (USA).

Roberto Bozzano, Researcher at ISSIA,
responsible for the W1M3A observing system. His expertise spans from signal and image processing to underwater acoustics, marine technology, and operational oceanography.