Alessandro Crise, degree in Physics, OGS Senior Scientist since 1999, presently the Director of the OGS Department of Oceanography. He is the author of numerous scientific papers published on highly rated peer reviewed journals. He’s PI in the major European projects focused on operational oceanography and biogeochemical modelling of the Mediterranean Sea (among others, MFSTEP, CIRCE, MERSEA, SESAME, MyOCEAN). His scientific interests include ecological modelling and physical oceanography. Member of relevant Italian and international committees on marine sciences (ESF Marine Board, POGO) and operational oceanography (e.g. EuroGOOS board, MOON) .

Pierre-Marie Poulain, Ph.D. degree in Oceanography from the University of California San Diego (1989). He has worked at the University of Miami (Miami, Florida), the NATO Undersea Research Centre (La Spezia, Italy) and the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California) on the surface circulation in the Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea as inferred from Lagrangian drifter data. Since 2000 he has been a senior scientist at OGS. As head of the Remote Sensing Group, he is coordinating research activities based on data collected by autonomous instruments (drifters, floats, gliders, HF coastal radars) and satellite sensors. Dr. Poulain has more than 60 peer-reviewed publications in oceanography.

Giuseppe Civitarese, research interest is principally devoted to the study of dynamics and biogeochemistry of the Mediterranean basin. In the last decade, he studied the evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean Transient in the Ionian Sea and its impact on marginal areas like the Adriatic Sea. Recently, he has conceptualized of the mechanism called Adriatic-Ionian Bimodal Oscillating System (BiOS), linking the circulation of the North Ionian Gyre to the thermohaline properties of the Adriatic Dense Water. At present, he is studying the impact of the BiOS on the Thermohaline and biological properties of the Eastern Mediterranean. He is the author of about 30 peer reviewed articles.

Cosimo Solidoro, OGS Senior Scientist, is coordinator of projects on costal oceanography and marine ecology, and PI in many others on modelling biogeochemical and ecological properties of marine systems and sustainability of renewable resources. He is President of the European chapter of International Society of Ecological Modelling and an IMBER National representative. He was awarded with the Prigogine junior medal.

Michele Giani, Senior Scientist at OGS Biological Oceanography Department,
whose research activity focuses on the anthropogenic effects on the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus mainly in the Adriatic sea. He is author of more than 44 peer reviewed articles in the field of marine chemistry and chemical oceanography.

Valentina Tirelli, Scientist at the OGS Biological Oceanography Department,
since 2006. Her research activities are dedicated to the ecology and the Eco physiology of copepods. In particular she studied the trophic role of copepods as principal actors in the transfer of energy from primary producers to the higher trophic levels in different environments, from temperate to Antarctic waters. During the last years she studied the trophic relationships between zooplankton and small pelagic fish in the Adriatic Sea.