Dr. George Zodiatis (principal investigator), Vice Director of the OC-UCY and he has more than 20 years of experience in oceanography while he has been involved in more than 20 research projects. He is coordinating the work of a team participating in EU projects related to in situ observing systems, operational marine and downstream forecasting, data management, such as CYCLOPS, SESAME, UBSS, EMODNET, MyOCEAN, ECOOP, MERSEA, MFSTEP, MAMA, MFSPP. He has published more than 80 referred scientific papers and proceedings.

Dr. Daniel Hayes,
works at the OC-UCY as a researcher for the maintenance, operation and further developments of various modules of CYCOFOS. He is actively participating in EU projects related to ocean forecasts, such as MFSTEP, MERSEA, ECOOP, MyOCEAN. He is coordinating a local project of OC-UCY related to the use of autonomous underwater observing platforms- gliders.

Dr. Yianna Samuel-Rhoads,
works at the OC-UCY as a researcher in marine biology. Her work focuses mainly on the climatic impacts on ocean ecosystems caused by climate variability. She is a member of the Marine Board Communications Network, a collaborative network of marine communicators across Europe. She is also a participating scientist in the CIESM projects, sub as Tropical Signals, Jelly fish and MedZOO.