Dr. Manuel Lago, experienced researcher in Environmental/Natural Resources Economics and specialises in the economic analysis of environmental policies and regulations, evaluation of policy instruments, environmental valuation and compliance cost accounting. Manuel leads several tasks in ETC/Water, where he advises the EEA on economic issues of the MSFD and represents the Agency at the CIS Working Group on Economic and social assessments .

Dr. Ralph Piotrowski, Head of the mare team at the Ecologic Institute. He is currently leading the project CALAMAR, which aims to improve policy effectiveness and encourage transfer of best practices, fostering cooperation within coastal zones and EEZ. This project explores the use of new governance approaches that balance a precautionary approach with long-standing international recognition of “freedom of the seas”. Ralph has previously been responsible for a major study on international fisheries policy, commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency.

Pamela Lesser, political scientist specialised in land use planning, the nexus between land use, sustainable transport and climate change, and environmental diplomacy in the Mediterranean. She is also a Principal of Mediterranean Advisors, LLC, a consultancy specializing in geopolitical risk where she is responsible for urban and environmental issues related to southern Europe, Turkey and North Africa.