Prof. Nikos Mihalopoulos, has more than 25 years of experience in atmospheric chemistry, physics and biogeochemical cycling of N, P, S and trace metals. He participated in numerous EU projects (more than 15) as PI or co-PI and he is author of about 130 publications (2 in Nature and Science) in peer reviewed journals and has more than 300 presentations at international conferences devoted to atmospheric chemistry and physics (> 3500 citations, h=30).

Prof. Maria Kanakidou, has expertise on atmospheric chemistry and physics with focus on the environmental and climate impact of organics, ozone and aerosols in the troposphere. She is the recipient of the 1998 H. Julian Allen Award, WMO/IPCC reports contributor/reviewer, ~70 publications (2 in Nature), 26 invited presentations (>3200 citations, h=28). Coordinator of two EU projects, member of IGAC SSC and of iCACGP (President 2006-2010). She is a member of the restricted SSC of the IGBP SIE on Aerosols in the Earth System.