Scientific Steering Committee

The Scientific Steering Committee consists of ten (10) Work Package Leaders, four (4) Regional Responsibles, and one (1) Integration Expert, the Project Manager, while the Project Coordinator chairs the Committee.

The members of the Scientific Steering Committee are:

Dr.  Xavier Durrieu de Madron (WP1),
Dr. Jean Francois Cadiou (WP2),
Dr. Joaquin Tintore (WP3),
Dr. Marco Zavatarelli (WP4),
Dr. Gheorghe Oaie and Dr. Vassiliki Vassilopoulou (WP5),
Dr. Sauzade Didier (WP6),
Dr. Constantino Cosmidis (WP7),
Dr. Aldo Drago (WP8),
Mrs. Emily Koulouvaris (WP9),
Prof. Michalis Skourtos (Integration Expert of Socio-economic activities towards better Governance),
Dr. Javier Ruiz (Regional Responsible for West Mediterranean),
Dr. Alexandro Crise (Regional Responsible for Central Mediterranean),
Dr. Eleni Kaberi (Regional Responsible for East Mediterranean),
Dr. Andrei Zatsepin (Regional Responsible for Black Sea),
Mr. Nikos Streftaris (Project Manager) and
Dr. E. Papathanassiou (Coordinator & WP10).

The Scientific Steering Committee coordinates the scientific progress of the project, keeps the project focused, and works on achieving project goals. It takes all the important decisions within the PERSEUS project that are then validated through the General Assembly. The Committee is the responsible body for the project deliverables and it assures the integration within and across the various Work Packages, the geographical areas and the crosscutting themes.

Role of Integration Expert and Regional Coordinators
In order to address the scientific issues in three specific regions of the SES, four (4) experts have been assigned the role of Regional Coordinators within PERSEUS, namely the Western Mediterranean, the Central Mediterranean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea, four (4) experts have been assigned the role of Regional Responsibles within PERSEUS. Each of them is responsible for the activity reporting and issues related to their specific area of responsibility, while under their responsibility are:

The Integration Expert has been given the task to integrate must assure that science and policy-oriented activities in the project are well integrated, as well as to contribute to projects deliverables and to establish channels of communication among the Work Packages. Under the Coordination of the Integration Expert and the Regional Responsible, the synthesis of results will progressively be built during the project.