Commissioner Damanaki highlights progress on negotiations for the reformed Common Fisheries Policy

Commissioner Damanaki participated in the "All aboard!" action campaign calling for the reform of Common Fisheries Policy. Commenting on the ongoing negotiations and the Council taking place on 13th and 14th May, the Commissioner stated:

"Substantial progress has been made in the negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission’s proposal for a reformed common fisheries policy. The European Union is on the doorstep of a historical deal that would put fish stocks on the road to recovery, eliminate the wasteful practice of discarding and ensure that decisions are taken as close as possible to fishermen.

It is the responsibility of all institutions not to jeopardise a final deal because of disagreements over a few percentage points, one or two years, detailed technical rules or institutional power struggle. It is now time for both the European Parliament and the Council to make that extra final step towards each other that is necessary to come to a final agreement that will launch a new era of healthy fish stocks, viable fishing industries and more and better paid jobs for fishermen."

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