New PERSEUS Fact Sheets are published and online

A series of fact sheets have been produced to provide complementary information on the PERSEUS results achieved over the last months.

TEAP Fact Sheet
The TEAP Fact sheet presents the Tool for identification and assessment of Environmental Aspects in Ports (TEAP) in the Mediterranean and Black seas. The tool was developed by PERSEUS to assist port authorities in identifying environmental aspects and assessing their significance.

TEAP is a user-friendly, practical and time-saving tool for port managers to easily determine significant aspects and put in place an effective environmental management system. The tool is available online on the PERSEUS website ( under the policymakers section on ports.

Observing System Fact Sheet
PERSEUS contributed to observing systems by reviewing information on the data currently available across multiple observing platforms to understand gaps and needs in the Southern European Seas.

Eco Regions Fact Sheet
PERSEUS mapped the ecoregions with the highest risk of environmental disturbance in the Mediterranean Sea. The fact sheet presents how PERSEUS mapped these ecoregions and how this ecoregionalisation approach provides tools for biodiversity and ecosystem-based fisheries management, especially for the on-going implementation of the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

Bluefin Tuna Fact Sheet
PERSEUS presents in this fact sheet the results of its research on Bluefin tuna that concluded that long-term sustainability of tuna stocks can only be achieved by integrating knowledge acquired from various disciplines and stakeholders in order to better understand, respond, and adapt to changes affecting the marine environment and its resources.

PERSEUS Research Vessel
The fact sheet presents the PERSEUS innovative small research and survey vessel concept that is designed for the coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and is capable to work and manoeuvre easily in port areas, estuaries, as well as shallow navigation channels.