Introducing PERSEUS Marine litter work in Saronikos Gulf!
  • © Christos Ioakeimidis (Ph.D. Cand.)

At the PERSEUS Scientific Workshop on 29-30 January in Athens, Christos Ioakeimidis (Ph.D. Cand.) HCMR’s delegate on Marine Litter (ML) issues presented the work in progress at Saronikos Gulf.

The ultimate goal is creating an integrated Marine Litter full profile of Marine Litter in the area by collecting data on benthic ML (deep & shallow water), beach ML monitoring, floating mPL (micro Plastics), mPL in marine biota.

Beach ML monitoring is expected to draw citizen-scientists interest and easily collect data through the Marine LitterWatch App. The effort will be supported through PERSEUS@School action.

This year two new beach sites will be added to Marine LitterWatch campaign. More information will be available in the next period at PERSEUS website, PERSEUS Facebook status and PERSEUS Twitter updates. Stay tuned!