The PERSEUS Izmir Stakeholder Session 'effect': Connecting the Mediterranean!

It is with great pleasure to see that the PERSEUS Marine Session Stakeholder Conference, held in May 2014, in Izmir, Turkey has brought about some interesting, fruitful and strong interactions among the stakeholders. 

Contacts and relations are now well established between Guy Herrouin, member of the West Med SHP, and Izmir stakeholders, as mentioned in the Pole Mer newsletter

During the mission to Izmir in early May, Julie Person and Guy Person Herrouin met Dr. Güzel Yüzel Gler of Dokuz Eylul University (Izmir) and managers of the Izmir bay that have proven particularly interested by the genius coastal ecological Mediterranean. 

Dr. Güzel Yüzel Gler visited Montpellier on 20 June 2014, to participate in the prospective research on the Mediterranean environment (prospective ANR Mermed coordinated by Agropolis International in which Pole Mer is involved). 

On this occasion, the Turkish representative had the opportunity to visit members of the SME Sector in order to find out about the potential French innovations for business managers on the Turkish coast.