Revealing the upcoming IEEP study on EU legislation tackling marine litter!

The IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy) study on identifying EU legislation deficiencies in the marine litter issue will be published shortly.

According to the article “Shortfalls in EU marine litter policy”, this work reveals gaps in tackling marine litter issue, while underlining ways to overcome the obstacles.

The  IEEP analysed many different pieces of EU legislation to determine their relevance to marine litter.

The study notes inconsistent and unambitious steps of Member States implementing the MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework Directive) on one hand, while on the other significant progress is considered possible, as it is also identified that targets can be set and measures are feasible.

Further long term steps towards a solution to marine litter recommended, are:

1. EU wide target setting for marine litter as required by the 7th EAP (Environment Action Programme) and incorporated into the Directive, and

2. Integrating the marine litter issue into the Waste Framework and Packaging Waste Directives.

(Article’s Source: “Shortfalls in EU marine litter policy"in IEEP summer 2013 newsletter )