Perseus & You
About PERSEUS and how you can help to 'Clean Seas by 2020'

What is PERSEUS?
PERSEUS is the largest marine environmental research project funded by the European Commission under Ocean of Tomorrow 2011-3. What changes are occurring in our ecosystems, why and what measures can we take to turn back the tide on marine degradation? This is the focus of PERSEUS and science plays the leading role. PERSEUS is a one of a kind marine research project covering both the Mediterranean and Black Sea, together representing the Southern European Seas.

How will PERSEUS research help safeguard the future of marine life?
By developing an explicit framework of adaptive policies including measures and recommendations that will support policymakers in leading the drive towards better management of our seas.

Why is PERSEUS innovative?
For the first time, science is supporting policymakers to prevent further marine ecosystem degradation by developing new, scenario-based tools towards practical measures in crisis situations, like oil spills, as well as adaptive policies, based on scientific evidence and socioeconomic predictions, which represent long-term guidelines for implementing practices, even as decision-makers change hands.

Where is PERSEUS research?
From basin to coastal areas in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Who are the PERSEUS partners?
The PERSEUS consortium includes 54 partners from the EU and beyond.

When does PERSEUS take place?
January 2012 – December 2015