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Interesting article on plastic litter in the Mediterranean Sea

An interesting article describing the vast plastic litter problem in the Mediterranean Sea based

13 November 2015MORE
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Researchers suggest efficient measures for plastic bags reduction

Plastic bags are very common sighting in coasts, easily travel to the open seas and are

16 September 2015MORE

'It's a plastic world' video campaign released!

"It's a plastic world!" This is the title of the new video which has just been released about

25 September 2014MORE

Your smart phone to the rescue & a jellyfish photography competition!

An innovative smart phone application, which gives users up-to-date information on

02 May 2014MORE
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From September 2013 consumer’s easier access in information against microplastics!

From September 2013 an App that will inform consumers on microplastics

29 July 2013MORE
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Boom in Jellyfish: overfishing called into question

Will we soon be forced to eat jellyfish? Since the beginning of the 2000s, these gelatinous creatures

31 May 2013MORE
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Facts about marine litter

Marine litter is considered a great environmental issue. Do you know why? Here are some facts to answer this

27 May 2013MORE

A 'first of its kind' marine environmental education centre opens in Dwejra, Malta and soon in Sicily

10 March 2013MORE

Children give EU Commissioner “message in a bottle” during European Maritime Day 2012

As part of the celebrations for the European Maritime Day, the

10 March 2013MORE
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Educational activities in the Black Sea: "A Different Kind of School"!

During the week 7-11 April 2014 NIMRD “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta opened its

16 April 2014MORE


Last year PERSEUS teamed up with myweekcharter to create a special outreach action: the PERSEUS & Sailing

16 December 2015MORE

CPR training reminder

Only 2 days left to the PERSEUS Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) training course on 28th -30th September at the Cyprus Institute in

26 September 2015MORE

The President of Malta gives her patronage to the PERSEUS@School event at the Malta National

02 June 2015MORE

PERSEUS International Workshop “Coming to grips with the jellyfish phenomenon in the Southern European and other

20 March 2015MORE

PERSEUS@ 1st IMSCC Conference in Portugal!

The 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference (IMSCC 2014) – New tools and practices is an

24 September 2014MORE

Message from Izmir: The PERSEUS Declaration on Tourism & Marine Litter for Clean Seas by 2020

The Interactive Stakeholders Session “Blue Growth for Green

10 June 2014MORE

Introducing PERSEUS & Sailing, our new outreach campaign!

PERSEUS has joined forces with myweekcharter in order to raise awareness in people sailing in the

10 June 2014MORE

The first PERSEUS Argo float deployed in the Black Sea!

The first Argo float delivered under PERSEUS's WP3 was successfully launched by RV

05 June 2014MORE
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PERSEUS jellyfish spotting campaign helped identifying a new species!

Last year citizen scientists participation in the PERSEUS jellyfish spotting campaign was

20 May 2014MORE
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Official Launch of PERSEUS Marine LitterWatch (MLW) Campaign

PERSEUS recognizes Marine Litter as an important environmental threat. After participating in

02 May 2014MORE
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Educational activities in the Black Sea: "A Different Kind of School"!

During the week 7-11 April 2014 NIMRD “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta opened its

16 April 2014MORE

PERSEUS@ART was a great success!

PERSEU@ART initiative aimed in raising awareness on maintaining clean seas in Southern Europe. The action included a 20days

19 February 2014MORE
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Newly launched Marine LitterWatch App: download now!

The PERSEUS project has been working closely with the European Environmental Agency (EEA) on the issue of

20 December 2013MORE
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The 2013 international coastal clean-up launch event hailed great success in Greece!

The international coastal clean-up campaign 2013 launched on Saturday

25 September 2013MORE
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PERSEUS presents E.E.A.’s Marine Litter Watch app in HELMEPA’s Action Month for the Marine Environment launch

23 September 2013MORE
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PERSEUS & LitterWatch Application presented to kids in Greece

PERSEUS welcomed the children from the Saronikos Young Volunteers in Action group, at the HCMR

15 July 2013MORE