PERSEUS & Sailing

PERSEUS has teamed up with myweekcharter to create a special outreach action: the PERSEUS & Sailing “eco-campaign”!

This campaign is targeted to the general public who will be sailing in the Mediterranean this summer. It aims to encourage them to adopt an eco-friendly approach during their sailing experience.

We have developed a leaflet on “5 eco-friendly tips" for sustainable sailing which is being disseminated in chartered sailboats across the Mediterranean through Myweekcharter. In this leaflet, we launch the Sustainable Sailing Photo Contest. In addition, sailors are called upon to take part in other PERSEUS citizen science campaigns - i.e. Jellyfish spotting and Marine LitterWatch.

Sustainable Sailing Photo Contest 2014

Take part in the Sustainable Sailing Photo Contest 2014 by sending photos of your sailing experience and life at sea that captures your attention to or #perseussailing on Instagram. Sunsets, sail boats, beaches, clear waters, life on board, marinas, coastal or underwater flora and fauna, etc... all the photos taking part in the contest will be posted on this website shortly.

The best photo will be awarded with a €1,000 discount voucher for your next sailing trip with myweekcharter. All remaining contestants will be eligible to participate in a raffle for a second prize of €500 discount voucher. See contest details and rules for more information.

Participating charter sailboat companies

The charter sail boat companies which have confirmed their willingness to promote sustainable sailing information include: