EU Project coordinators meeting, Rome, Italy

Following the first successful EU project coordinators meeting in Athens, in June 2013, PERSEUS organised a meeting of the coordinators of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Projects to discuss and suggest possible actions as agreed last year.

An invitation by CNR to organise this meeting back-to-back with EurOcean 2014 serves this purpose as many participants attended the EurOcean 2014 Conference in the following days. For this reason, a one-day meeting on the 6 October 2014 in Rome has been organised by PERSEUS, which will finish by 18:00-19:00. 

The meeting contained an absolute minimum number of presentations, as these have already been done in June 2013, thus allowing for more fruitful discussions on the way we should act and work together, avoiding duplication and co-organise events that would strengthen the outputs.

Some presentations on the "new" projects (if any) and what they are set out to do was given.

The minutes of the meeting are available here for download.