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Umbrella Workshop
One of the most important project milestones is the Umbrella Workshop in 2013, which highlighted knowledge gaps and dictate, thereafter, the sampling strategies. Thus a more detailed sampling strategy will be implemented, following the preliminary outcomes of the aforementioned WPs, ensuring adequate data collection through the project, while data collection and analyses will continue through to 2014. The Workshop was held back-to-back with the first GA meeting and the Workshop Report (Deliverable 10.2) is available to download. 

Stakeholder Workshops
Five workshops in conjunction with the respective non-EU case studies will be organised to build regional cooperation between scientists and stakeholders and to present PERSEUS tools and receive stakeholder feedback. The Workshops will demonstrate the potential of scientifically-informed environmental management, identify management gaps that critically impair the achievement of GES and assist in creating relevant monitoring programmes and management plans towards achieving GES. These workshops will be held in Croatia (Split), Tunisia (Tunis), Turkey (Ankara), Morocco (Tangiers) and Georgia (Tbilisi) and will be organised by the local partners.

Scientific Workshops
In addition, scientific achievements will be presented during two major scientific workshops which will be held back-to-back with the annual General Assembly meetings in 2014 and 2015. Two scientific workshops have been held back to back with the GAs, namely, in: