Management Office

The Project Management Office consists of the Project Manager Mr. Nikos Streftaris, Dr. Louisa Giannoudi as Assistant Project Manager, the Communication Officer Ms. Martha Papathanassiou, the Administration and Financial Officer Mrs. Roula Frangou, the Project Secretary Mrs. Mirto Kimigeli and Dr. Claudia Cesarini responsible for the web-based project management tool.

The Project Coordinator and Management Office have the full responsibility of reporting and of all communication between the Consortium and the Commission. They provide the Commission with the project deliverables, while they prepare all of the project’s scientific, management and financial periodic reports as well as all the final reports. Furthermore, the Project Coordinator and Management Office are responsible for the Scientific and Information Management of PERSEUS. The Scientific Management work is being supported by the Scientific Steering Committee, while the Information Management will be achieved in collaboration with WP9.