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Mediterranean Seagrass Meadows: Resilience and Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation

Pergent G., Bazairi H., Bianchi C.N., Boudouresque, C.F., Buia M.C., Clabaut P., Harmelin-Vivien M., Mateo M.A., Montefalcone M., Morri C., Orfanidis S., PergentMartini C., Semroud R., Serrano O., Verlaque M. 2012. Mediterranean Seagrass Meadows : Las praderas de Magnoliofitas marinas del mar Mediterráneo: resiliencia y contribución a la mitigación del cambio climático, Resumen / Mediterranean Seagrass Meadows : Resilience and Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation, A Short Summary. Gland, Suiza y Málaga, España: IUCN. 40 páginas. 

Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos, Fourth Edition
Edited by Dr. Anastasios Eleftheriou, research associate of HCMR (Crete) and Emeritus Professor of the University of Crete, the Fourth Edition of Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos has been completely revised and updated to include many new methods and technologies. Written by many of the world’s leading authorities in marine sampling techniques and use, it provides comprehensive coverage on the tools and techniques available to those working in the area. Commencing with an overview of the design and analysis of benthic surveys, the book continues with chapters covering the sedimentary environment, imaging and diving techniques, macro- and meiofauna techniques, deep sea sampling, energy flow and production. An additional new chapter provided in this edition covers phytobenthos techniques.
This comprehensive Fourth Edition is an essential tool for all marine and environmental scientists, ecologists, fisheries workers and oceanographers.
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