Training Visits Scheme

Training Visits Scheme

This task will activate a personnel training visits scheme among partners. The visits will aim to train individuals, as well as to transfer knowledge and allow sharing and diffusion of technological expertise. The proposed activities during the visits will not be restricted to scientific research topics, but further extended to technical capacity and marine environmental management principles. The Scientific Steering Committee will be responsible for approving the programme of work and assessing performance and selecting the candidates according to qualifications, experience and proposed plans of work.

Visits of scientists and technicians will be organised at selected PERSEUS partner institutes, who will provide training-on-the-job opportunities and hands-on experience. The goal is to put across and transfer expertise within the network, involving and engaging all Mediterranean and Black Sea countries on an equal opportunity basis. This exchange of scientists will meet the training needs of all individuals, while simultaneously, it will complement the activities of other WPs, especially in relation to case studies.

Regarding the host centers calls, the HCMR will invite partners to submit training topics focusing on scientific, technical and/or management subjects related to the marine environment and the scope of PERSEUS. The Scientific Steering Committee will assess and select the best of these and allocate them accordingly per year. The selection of the host centres will also be based on cost-effectiveness and convenience criteria for all participants while the most eligible and qualified facilities will be at the trainees’ disposal. The duration of the visits will range from a few weeks to a couple of months.

PERSEUS Training Visits Scheme: Pisa, Italy, May 2013

In the period 4-26 May 2013, the CNR-IBF carried out the training visit in “Marine Carbon Cycle. Dissolved organic matter dynamics and marine ecosystem health” at the Biophysics Institute of the CNR, Pisa. More information and outcomes of this specific training activity, can be found in the relevant Report

PERSEUS Training Visits Scheme: Athens, Greece, May - June 2013

The training on the topic “Biochemical biomarker techniques for the assessment of pollution effects in marine organisms” was implemented in two subsequent training periods of three week duration, in May-June 2013. A total of 8 trainees participated, 4 of which attended each training period. To read about this activity, please see the relevant Report

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Training Visits Scheme Call - May 2012

Training Visits Scheme Call - November 2012