"Monitoring & assessing marine ecosystems in North Africa" Workshop, Brussels, Belgium

Within MEDINA, monitoring institutions and programmes in the region were inventored to identify potential gaps, which may affect the implementation of the main regional policy for the management of human activities which may affect Mediterranean coastal and marine ecosystems, i.e. the «Ecosystem Approach» (EcAp), fully endorsed by all Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention.

EcAp Indicators concerning the ˮEcological Objectivesˮ: Biodiversity, Fishery, Eutrophication and Coastal ecosystems were mapped, based on available data, remotely sensed Earth Observations and model output. The project results are freely available on www.medinageoportal.eu and fully accessible from the GEOSS web portal. Methodologies developed in MEDINA can be applied to other areas in the context of the Blue Planet GEO initiative and will certainly benefit from the availability of Sentinel missions and Copernicus services in the years to come.

A workshop is organized by the FP7 project MEDINA - Marine Ecosystems Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa, in collaboration with the Earth Observation Sector of the Directorate Climate Action and Resource Efficiency, DG Research and Innovation, on 11 December in Brussels. PERSEUS will be there to present some project results and contribute to the discussion.