Green Week Conference 
- EVERY DROP COUNTS - The Water Challenge, Brussels

As a “policy-orientated” marine research project, PERSEUS was represented in the 12th Green Week (22-25 of May, 2012), the biggest annual conference on European environment policy. The session to which PERSEUS representative participated and contributed to the discussions were: “Where are we now? EU waters and policy implementation”, “Towards a healthy marine environment – a vital source for life on earth”, “Monitoring the marine environment” and “Enhancing the partnership with Regional Sea Conventions.” During the Conference, the PERSEUS Representative was interviewed by ΕΤ3-TV for the documentary “Water – Every Drop counts” in which the relationship between ‘PERSEUS and Water’ was presented and what contribution PERSEUS will make towards enabling the Mediterranean and Black Seas to become “cleaner and healthier” seas for all citizens. The PERSEUS representative’s interview from the documentary was subtitled to English and included on the PERSEUS website.