PERSEUS holds 8th Scientific Steering Committee Meeting and adopts 2015 work programme – Cadiz, Spain – 4-5 March 2015
  • 8th Scientific Steering Committee

CADIZ – An important meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee of the PERSEUS project took place in Cadiz on 4-5 May 2015 with a view to mapping out the remaining work of the project which ends in December 2015. 

An important part of the meeting was dedicated to holding a workshop on summarizing the main scientific findings of the project and policy implications which will be summarized in the PERSEUS Policy Brief at the end of the project.

Some highlights from the PERSEUS event calendar for 2015 include:

• European Maritime Day – Piraeus, Greece – 28-29 May 2015: PERSEUS will have an exhibition booth and hold a joint workshop with the NGO Sea4security. PERSEUS will use this opportunity to disseminate the latest scientific results of its work to date.

• Non-EU Stakeholder Workshops – PERSEUS will organize five (5) workshops that target stakeholders in non-EU countries with a view to sharing specific scientific findings from the PERSEUS case study areas. The tentative dates and locations of the workshops are as follows:

-Split-Croatia: (5-6 May 2015) – Contact person: Ivona Marasovic (IOF)
-Tunis-Tunisia: (25-26 May 2015) – Contact person: Slim Gana (SAROST)
-Ankara-Turkey (9-10 September 2015) – Contact person: Hasan Orek (METU)
-Rabat, Morocco (23-24 September 2015) – Contact person: Soukaina Zizah, Ali Benhra (INRH)
-Tbilisi-Georgia: (8-9 October 2015) – Contact person: Kakhaber Bilashvili, Zurab Savaneli (TSU)

Summer School – June 2015 – The Summer School is about developing, designing and implementing effective monitoring programmes that meet the objectives of both MSFD and EcAP.

Stakeholder training in Malta

Final PERSEUS Scientific Conference – This conference will be take place in Brussels at the Flemish Academy of Science on 7-9 December 2015. The final scientific findings will be presented during the conference and in poster exhibition displays.

Final PERSEUS Stakeholder Conference – This half-day conference will take place back-to-back with the scientific conference on 10 December 2015 in Brussels. This event is targeted to decision and policy-makers and aims to present the policy implications of PERSEUS’s scientific findings.

More information on these events will be posted on the PERSEUS website.