Joint research cruise for the implementation and promotion of the MSFD principles in non EU countries

A joint research cruise was carried out for the implementation of the MSFD in the Adriatic region in April 2013 as well as for the main aim of PERSEUS to promote the principles of MSFD across the Mediterranean and Black Seas, to non EU countries in particular.

The field cruise was conducted by Croatian (IOF-Split) and Italian (ISMAR-Ancona) scientists on two transects across the Adriatic on board the R/Vs “Bios II” and “G. Dallaporta’’. The objective of this cruise was to get a better understanding of whole Adriatic ecosystem by collecting physical, chemical and biological data in the central Adriatic and engage and train scientists from those Adriatic countries that do not have experience in oceanographic research.

It is important to note that scientists from Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with limited past experience, had the opportunity to carry out reserach activities onboard the vessels and experience key oceanographic cruise tasks.