University of Malta launches new Master Course in Applied Oceanography

Two full years of planning and dedication are now maturing as the Master Course in Applied Oceanography will commence in October. The course is run by the Physical Oceanography Unit of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre at the University of Malta with the participation of an international faculty made up of top experts in the field of operational oceanography.

Details on the course can be found at the dedicated webpage. Additionally, you may also download the course flyer.  

The course builds on the core principles of oceanography in coastal and open sea domains, with a focus on operational oceanography and the versatile and broad spectrum of disciplines and offshoot applications related to it. The main target of the course is to match the human resource needs in the evolving marine sector at local, European and global scales, providing professionals with wide ranging skills to exploit the outcomes of marine research and technology in favour of the competitiveness of the industry and service sectors.
The students will be trained to develop skills enabling them to fit a range of jobs, but mainly those related to extracting knowledge from oceanographic data and delivering services in many applications relying on such data.

The cost to students from EU countries is 2800 euro covering participation to the course and bench fees. The course is also open to non-EU students.