IOI Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas in Malta, 10 November - 13 December 2013

The International Ocean Institute is once again running the 5-week IOI Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas in Malta between the 10th Nov and the 13th Dec 2013. The course is supported by the International Ocean Institute, Malta Operational Centre with sponsorships by international organisations and is accredited by the University of Malta. The IOI course is a reference point for ocean governance issues and a resource for innovative teaching appealing to a wide range of practitioners in marine-related science, management and policy undertakings.

The theme of the course draws upon the conduct of maritime affairs, targeting the Millennium Development Goals and building upon a holistic and integrated maritime policy following the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. It focuses on the linkages between the natural, social and economic sciences for the development of sustainable ocean governance, and on the research-management interface that can render governance operable. The Programme stresses the inter-linkages of multi-disciplinary inputs, and the support of technology to enable the effective achievement of ocean management and sustainable development. The emphasis of the course will be on the implications of the international and regional policies for the seas in topic and the practical implementation that takes into account the particularities of seas as different and sensitive as the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic and Caspian Seas.

The Programme is specifically designed to benefit mid-career professionals, government officials, educators, researchers and civil society participants, preferably with coastal/marine-related responsibilities. Preference will be given to candidates from developing countries around the regional seas.

Candidates should preferably have at least a first degree in a field relevant to marine affairs and science. They must be nominated and sponsored by an appropriate Government entity, university or equivalent educational institution or by an IOI Centre, a national or regional organisation. A good knowledge of English is essential.

For the Course Application, you need to visit the IOI Website where the form can be downloaded, or the dedicated course website.

The application deadline is 13 September 2013.