Dan Secrieru, Head of the Marine Geoecology and Geochemistry department at GeoEcoMar. His interests are in the fields of inorganic geochemistry of sediments and environmental impact assessment. He is member of IAD, SGR, ERVO Group and member of editorial board of the scientific journal GEOECOMARINA and participated in more than 15 international cruises, most of them in the Black Sea. He took part in a number of research programs: the ORSED Project (2004-2007), European Framework Projects (e.g. EROS, BLASON, ASSEMBLAGE, SESAME, HYPOX, EUROFLEETS; 1995-2011), RER 2/003, IAEA Project (1998 and 2000); GEF/UNDP Black Sea Program (2003 – 2006) and published more than 40 scientific papers.

Gheorghe OAIE, Dr. Eng., Ph.D. at Bucharest University (1998); associated professor at Constanta Ovidius University (2003-2006); specialized at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the United States Geological Survey, as expert in sedimentology and geo-ecological processes in fluvial and marine environments with main experience related to the Danube River and the Black Sea. He was awarded diplomas and medals for ‘Excellence in Research’ by the Romanian Government in 2001, 2002; member of the scientific board of ISMMM; member of: International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), International Association of the Danube (IAD), Geological Society of Romania (SGR); member of European Research Vessels Operators Group; member of editorial board of the scientific journal GEOECOMARINA. He is coordinator and contributing author of 4 scientific books, author or co-author of 4 geological field trip guides, over 50 scientific papers and 71 abstracts.

Daniela Vasile, joined the Project Management team of GeoEcoMar in 2011, after graduation of a Master Program in International Project Management in 2009. At this stage she is enroled in a PhD program on Economic Affaires at ASE. Since 2009 she is participating in the coordinating team of ENV-NCP-TOGETHER (www.envncp- and she gained the needed experience in managing scientific environmentally related issues. Previously she accumulated an experience of more than 10 years working for 2 private companies in management, procurement, etc.. In terms of scientific publications, Daniela Vasile is co-author of 1 book and 3 scientific papers on project management of environmental projects.