Miquel Canals, Full Professor at UB since April 2002. Most cited scientist in Geosciences according to the Essential Science Indicators of the ISI Web of knowledge. Hirsch index H = 26. He is/has been coordinator (C) and UB’s principal investigator (PI) in numerous research projects funded by governmental, academic and industrial entities. Among others: HERMIONE (ref. 226354-HERMIONE, 2009-11, PI), HERMES (GOCE-CT- 2005-511234-1, 2005-09, PI), EURODOM (RTN2-2001-00281, 2002-06, C), EUROSTRATAFORM (EVK3- 2001-00200, 2002-05, PI), and PROMESS 1 (EVR1-CT-2001-00041, 2002-06, PI). Author of 245 scientific papers, books and book chapters, of which 127 in journals included in the ISI Web of knowledge.

Antoni M. Calafat, Professor at UB since 1997. His research interests are water column and sediment studies, including particle fluxes in the ocean. In over 20 years of academic activity he has participated in 30 research projects funded at National and International (EU) level, among which he was leader or co-leader of Biodiversity and adaptation strategies of Arctic coastal marine benthos (EU INTAS 94-391). He is main author or co-author of 35 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Anna Sanchez-Vidal, Research scientist.
Expertise in marine biogeochemistry and hydrodynamical processes controlling sediment and organic carbon transport on continental margin environments. She has significant experience in field activities through her participation in more than 30 research cruises. Co-author of 21 peer-reviewed international scientific publications.