Prof. Joaquim Casal, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (CERTEC). Environmental impact and risk analysis, mathematical modelling of major accidents (fires, explosions, toxic releases). He has published a number of international papers and two books.

Dr. Rosa Mari Darbra,
Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (Lecturer, CERTEC). Environmental risk assessment. Accredited by Lloyd’s register as an environmental auditor. She has been working in different EU countries and Australia. She has been involved in many EU project and published in peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Elsa Pastor,
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (CERTEC). Visiting fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia. Major accidents modelling and risk management.

Ass. Prof. Eulalia Planas,
Ph.D. in chemical engineering (Head of CERTEC). Risk analysis (modelling of major accidents, development of risk indexes, etc.). She has authored diverse international papers and two books.

Prof. Agustin Sanchez-Arcilla,
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Head of LIM). Coastal engineering, nearshore hydrodynamics, numerical modelling, ICZM, climate change. Participation in more than 40 research projects, 15 books, more than 60 articles in peer reviewed journals.

Prof. Jose A. Jimenez,
Ph.D. in Marine Sciences (LIM/UPC). Coastal morphodynamics and engineering, ICZM, coastal environments, vulnerability assessment. Participation in 22 research projects, more than 45 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Prof. Michel Andre, LAB-UPC Director and Chair of the Science and Ethics Advisory Committee of the European Ce
tacean Society, ECS. Expert in the development of acoustic technologies for the control of noise pollution in the marine environment and the biological and pathological impact of noise on cetaceans. He currently leads several national and European Research projects, amongst them the Listening to the Deep-Ocean Environment project.