Dr. Cecelia Hannides (CyI), Postdoctoral Fellow of the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center of The Cyprus Institute. Her current research focuses on climate-driven change in the pelagic marine ecosystem surrounding Cyprus. Dr. Hannides has almost 20 years of research experience in marine and biological sciences, and extensive field experience on ocean-going cruises, with a total of 189 days-at-sea. From 2000 – 2004, Dr. Hannides coordinated zooplankton sampling and analysis efforts for the Hawaii Ocean Time-series program. In Cyprus, Dr. Hannides’ experience includes her work with the Republic of Cyprus Department of Fisheries and Marine Research on aquaculture impacts in the coastal zone (2007 – 2008 U.S. Fulbright Student Project). She was also awarded a Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation 2008 grant to evaluate the structure of zooplankton communities in Cyprus coastal waters (project: EMEDZOO). Dr. Hannides has published 7 peer-reviewed publications, contributed to a book chapter on trophic ecology, and has presented her work in numerous national and international conferences.