Dr. Joanna Staneva, Senior Researcher (Ph.D. since 1998). Her scientific interests are focused on oceanography, marine chemistry and modelling of the marine environment, integrated coastal zone management, marine ecology and fishery, climate modelling, dynamics of shelf and semi-enclosed seas, regional oceanography, climate variability. She has participated in more than 15 EU Projects as well as NATO, IAEA and National Scientific Projects. Her responsibilities in recent EU project (e.g. EROS-2000, EROS-21, DANUBS, SESAME) were concerning the development and implementation of ecosystem and physical models for the Black Sea with different levels of complexities; model-data comparisons, scenario simulations, response of the Black Sea ecosystem to anthropogenic and climatic changes.

Peneva, E., Ph.D. in 2001. She is an assistant professor at the Sofia University and an active partner in numerous EU projects, the most recent of them being Euroargo, where she works to develop a national research infrastructure in Bulgaria. Major research experiences and interests are in the field of atmospheric and oceanic numerical modelling.

Emil Stanev, Full Professor
since 1997. His main interests are in the field of physical oceanography, specifically numerical modelling of shelf and semi-enclosed seas, air-sea exchange, marine biogeochemistry and sediment dynamics. He is the author of more than 90 papers in refereed journals and Editor of the journal “Ocean Modelling” (Elsevier). He was PI in a number of EU and NATO projects dealing with different aspects of Black Sea regional oceanography,