Dr. Volodymyr, Senior Researcher, Medinets team leader. Research focuses on atmospheric chemistry, freshwater and marine ecology. He took part in a few international projects as team leader; Sergiy Snigirev, senior researcher – marine and freshwater biodiversity, biological monitoring. Responsible person for marine research station “Zmiiniy island”. He participated in Envirogrids project; Sergiy Medinets, researcher – atmospheric chemistry, responsible for CO2, nitrogen compounds and meteorological measurements and processing of data in atmospheric monitoring station “Petrodolinskoye” and in marine station “Zmiinyi island”. He participated in NEU project;

Dr. Natalia Kovalova, Senior Scientist. Freshwater and marine microbiology. She participated in Black Sea Scene project.

Dr. Evgeniy Cherkez, Senior Scientist. Head of Geography and Geology Faculty – coastal zone development and engineering.

Dr. Yaroslav Bilanchin, Senior Scientist, soils and agriculture.